Earth Aunty Kellee

My name is Kellee Hollywood and I’m a Holistic Birth and Postpartum Doula

Ever since I can remember I have loved babies. As a little girl I was the one who corralled the little ones and had a baby on my hip at parties. I never had great career aspirations but I knew I wanted to get married and have babies. Lots of babies! 

I am a wife, daughter, friend and Aunty to many. I’ve always wanted to help people as much as I can and in helping myself discovered a love for yoga, living life in nature, living low-tox and looking after Mother Earth.

While looking after my health and wellbeing I found my mentor Jo Spies and begged her to design a Doula course so I could follow in her footsteps! There I found a beautiful and empowered group of women whom I will forever hold dear and a collective group of brilliant minds, centred on the needs of the birthing person, fiercely determined to support to get physiologically natural birth back into the mainstream. 

Kellee is a Holistic Birth and Postpartum Doula based in Brisbane. Kellee’s love for children and passion for caring for birthing people and their families has brought her to the decision to become a Doula/Birthkeeper, training under the incredible Jo Spies in 2020. Continuing on with her passion for learning she has since completed courses in Placenta Arts, Yoni Steaming, Reiki, Yoga, Making Amazing Space and use of Rebozo (with Jenny Blyth), First Aid/CPR and is a registered Justice of the Peace within the community.

Kellee is passionate about the sacred ritual that is Free Birth. A fierce hand-squeezer, detail picker-upperer, observer and space holder.

Kellee is a loving wife and friend, daughter and sister, but best of all Aunty. She is crunchy and supports a holistic approach to life, but is easy going and likes to go with the flow and fits in well with others. She loves nothing more than exploring nature, walking barefoot on the Earth, swimming in the ocean, tending to her gardens, creating works of art, caring for her animals and spending quality time with family and friends around a good meal.

Earth Aunty is featured in Natural Parent magazine.

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